How ‘rooming in’ helps mom and baby

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Tonya Schaffer, RN, MBA, from LDS Hospital gives us the benefits to breastfeeding your baby. Stepping Up is a program that Utah Department of Health began to help to promote, protect, empower, and encourage breastfeeding in their facilities. Rooming-in is one of the ways LDS Hospital is Stepping Up for Utah Moms and Babies, here are benefits of this practice:

Rooming-in benefits for mother:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased confidence in handling and caring for baby
  • Ability to learn your baby’s cues (sleepy, stressed, in need of quiet time, or hungry)
  • Earlier identification of early feeding cues (rooting, opening mouth, and sucking on tongue, fingers, or hand)
  • Improved breastfeeding experience
  • Less infant crying and distress (they love to be near you)
  • Less “baby blues” and postpartum depression
  • Parents are better-rested and more relaxed by the end of the first week home

Rooming-in benefits for baby:

  • Better quality sleep. Your baby will develop a more regular sleep-wake cycle earlier, and rooming-in may help ease the transition to day/night routines
  • More stable body temperatures
  • Generally more content, less crying
  • More stable blood sugar
  • Breastfeed sooner, longer, and more easily
  • Lower levels of stress hormones

Rooming-in also helps parents prepare to go home with their new baby. It provides an opportunity for parents and other caregivers to provide total care for the baby in a home-like environment while in the hospital. At LDS Hospital, they do not require babies to room in, but do encourage it for the benefits for the family.

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