(Good Things Utah) We’ve seen a lot of change already in our housing market, and according to Charisse Walker with Chalker Properties, LLC the market inventory is still low — lower than last year — with competition and overall offers higher than ever.

So if you’re a homeowner, possibly looking to sell, is now the best time to make the move? Having a full grasp of the options out there and how to approach selling a home becomes immensely easier with the help of a professional.

Chalker Properties works collaboratively with clients to ensure they know all the facts before buying or selling a home. Using market-tested strategies and targeted marketing plans, Chalker has been a trusted and effective real estate agency for those seeking better options. And in today’s market, there are plenty of mistakes to make — often at the expense of our financial futures.

With over 20 years of experience, Chalker has the industry knowledge and experience needed to see profitable results.

In all this market uncertainty, what does Charisse with Chalker Properties recommend doing right now if you own a property or properties in its current standing? She recommends making use of rentals as a source of supplemental income during this time in the market.

It’s supposed to continue for at least another year, if not two… Lots of different things you can do. Rentals are one of the things. Long-term rentals… short-term rentals… My husband was able to quit his job because of the rentals that we have.

Charisse Walker

As the market is looking to continue the chaos, make the experience of buying or selling a property seamless with experts like Chalker Properties.

Visit their website for more information and to register for a FREE Master Class discussing the topic of buying and selling and potential options to supplement your income.


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