Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — What began as a dream to help people eat better has become a reality for Mirian and Elcio Zanatta with Aubergine Kitchen. They joined us in the studio to talk about partnering with Red River Health and Wellness to do a documentary following a man who only ate food from Aubergine for 30 days.

Mr. Zanatta said they started around 8 years ago, in 2014, and the reason they started was because he had a change of mindset. He attended a seminar in 2005 about eating healthier and getting exercise. He brought his family to this seminar and then they started changing their lifestyle. It made a huge impact on their health and energy which allowed them to give back to the community with what they’ve learned. They decided either to go back to Brazil while the kids were at BYU or they could stay here to start their business. And that’s exactly what they did.

We asked Mirian how different food is treated from Brazil compared to the United States and she said that at first, they didn’t have any marketing, but the people came. Mirian came from a vegetarian family in Lebanon, while Elcio has family in Brazil and Italy.

The Mediterranean diet is great for your body and heart health. the Zanatta’s created a plan where they combine healthy food along with tasty food as well. They chose not to used refined sugar and no fried items, because they knew it wasn’t good for you. They followed these principals strictly and customers say they are in the right direction, such as Dr. Joshua Red.

Dr. Red chose Brian for this experiment to be fed lunch and dinner from Aubergine for 30 consecutive days! Dr. Red drew Brian’s blood at the beginning of the experiment and then at the end. Prior to the experiment, Brian’s blood was pre-diabetic and his immune system was low with lots of inflammation. After the 30 days, Dr. Red drew Brian’s blood and was impressed. The results were incredible.

Mirian showed us how to put together one of their popular Mediterranean Bowls that includes quinoa, but they have many other base options to substitute. Some base options include almond wild rice, turmeric rice, or cauliflower rice for low carb. Our body processes Quinoa a lot easier than rice, so it’s nice to have this option. The Mediterranean Bowl includes baked falafel, seasoned kale, choice of base, hummus or baba ghanoush, Aubergine Salad (tomatoes, peppers, onion, raisins, eggplant and seasonings), carrot salad (carrots, raisins, seasonings), red cabbage, tabouli (cucumber, tomatoes, onion, quinoa and seasonings), microgreens, and tahini dressing.

Is your mouth watering yet? Then prepare to head over to Aubergine Kitchen’s grand opening at Station Park in Farmington on March 3rd at 11 am. Aubergine is giving back to the community with donating a portion of proceeds from their grand opening day to mothers without borders. Hope to see you there!

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