How one local company helps hearing impaired Utahns

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Utah is home to more than 290,000 individuals that are hard of hearing or deaf. Jodi Goodenough from Relay Utah was here to talk about how their program provides the hard of hearing with hearing assistive phones and technology for cell phones.

Relay Utah has been helping people with hearing loss reconnect with family and friends for 30 years by providing hearing assistive phones to help the hard of hearing communicate and regain their independence and connection.

Jodi struggles with hearing loss herself and finds that the CaptTel captioning phone works best for her. It allows her to hear what is being said while also giving her the ability to read the captioned text on the screen.

In addition to the CaptTel, Relay Utah has some other phones with features that slow down live speech, have tone control that allows you to adjust how the caller’s tone of voice sounds, It also has a flasher so you can see and hear the phone ring, it offers a loud and clear speakerphone, large high contrast keypad that is easy to see and press.

Another option that is offered is the popular cell phone amplifier. It connects via Bluetooth and you are able to use the amplifier to help with volume and tone control.

Relay Utah has many other options for people to try at their demo center in Salt Lake City where you can come in and meet Jodi and receive personalized help. The demo center is open by appointment Monday through Friday. It is located at 168 N. 1950 W. Ste. 103 in Salt Lake City. Call 801-715-3470 to schedule your appointment.

For more information on qualifying for a phone visit

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