TAB Bank is not your typical bank. They do not have branches or the overhead costs that come with them. They are a full, contactless bank or in other words, a bank where their customers can conduct their banking and financial transactions from beginning to end without ever needing to step into a branch. Even in today’s world, you are going to find that there are many transactions that still require an in-person interaction or coming to a physical location because structurally, most banks are built around having branches.

This is not the case at TAB Bank. As mentioned, they are an all-digital, all-mobile, contact-free bank. To improve their digital and mobile capabilities, they have invested millions into digital and online bank offerings to bring unmatched technology, ease, and access for their business clients. Tab Bank is incredibly flexible when it comes to helping finance small businesses and helping them gain access to financial services and funding they may not otherwise obtain. 

TAB Bank plays the part of a community bank where they look at the whole financial picture in credit decisions which then leads them to be more flexible and provide customization, access, and unparalleled customer engagement rarely found in the banking industry today. They work hard to understand their clients’ stories and become a true financial partner.

TAB Bank has countless success stories helping small businesses. One such instance involved a small trucking company that secured two loans from TAB Bank last year but unfortunately, they quickly got behind with their payments. Among other things, their business struggled through working with different dispatch managers and some cases of internal fraud. When their collectors were not able to make much progress, one of their commercial banking specialists took over and was able to start a focused dialogue with the owner. 

Incredibly, they were able to secure a $6,000 payment as a good-faith measure (even while several of their trucks were not running) and began a full restructure process. They needed to get their trucks back up and running. Long story short, they are preparing COVID-19 payment deferral documents right now and the owner is absolutely speechless. He was blown away by TAB Bank’s ability to work with him throughout this process in the last few months. All his trucks are back on the road, payments resume next month, and they have a very happy and satisfied customer.

TAB Bank was born in Ogden, Utah in 1998 and originally spun out of the Flying J Truckstops. They have always been a completely mobile, online solution that makes banking easier and more intuitive.

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