Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — We are headed indoors with how home owners can save money and energy. Therm, with Dominion Energy, met with us in the studio on how ThermWise can help us all out.

We asked Therm how we can save money, and he said, “Where I’d love to start is with rebates on appliances, because the ThermWise program will give home owners and businesses rebates when they buy energy efficient and natural gas appliances. There are a lot of rebates available. These are things like a programmable thermostat to a dual heated system. These rebates, it’s like free money back on your appliances and really go a long way with off setting the cost it takes to make energy efficient upgrades to your home.”

ThermWise is a program sponsored by Dominion Energy that helps homeowners and businesses save money and energy. If you are in the market to get a new appliance for your home or business, go to to find out how much money you could make back on a rebate. This could save you money!

In addition to appliances, there are many other rebates available to offset the cost of making energy-efficient upgrades to your home or business. Such as:

  • Appliance: Purchasing a new energy-efficient appliance, such as a smart thermostat or a dual-fuel heating system could lead to a cash rebate.

  • Weatherization: Simple upgrades to your home could lead to savings on your energy bill, and a cash rebate.

  • Builder: If you’re building a new home, talk to your builder about how you can save money with ThermWise as you implement energy-saving measures.

  • Business: As a business owner, we know that your bottom line is always going to be top of mind. ThermWise can partner with you to determine how your business could save energy and money year round.

To get started on reducing your footprint and lowering your energy bill, a Home Energy Expert from Dominion Energy can provide a custom analysis on your home (or business) that shows how you can save money. Having a Home Energy Expert can conduct the analysis on your home in-person or virtually. Visit to learn more.

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