How has prenatal care changed in the time of COVID?

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Kristy Baker, Director of Women’s Services at Timpanogos Regional Hospital joined Good Things Utah to talk about how prenatal care and childbirth have changed in the time of COVID-19.

While much is still being learned about COVID-19, the health and safety of pregnant patients is and always will be the top priority at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. Every birth is very unique and they continue to provide a safe environment for the most important moments in a mother’s life.

During COVID-19, low-risk pregnancies are now being done via telemedicine appointments. High-risk pregnancies still come in to be seen in-person with all the precautions. Timpanogos Regional Hospital is limiting in-person visits because pregnant women are just as likely to get COVID-19. There is a very small risk of ending up in the ICU compared with non-COVID patients, but transmission to baby pre-labor is super rare. Either way, they are some things pregnant women can do to protect themselves and their unborn babies.

They recommend that you take the same measures we are already aware of: distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and make smart decisions. Leading up to delivery day, be extra vigilant, and get the flu shot – especially this year. Also, never shy away from getting tested for COVID-19. If there is a case of a COVID-19 positive mother, unless the case is severe, the baby will always be kept with the mother. Any mother with a confirmed COVID-19 case or who is experiencing symptoms will be supported in taking all the possible precautions to avoid spreading the virus to the infant.

For those who have or are suspected to have COVID-19, the hospital has created policies and procedures to help ensure that those who have remained unaffected are kept safe and well.

LINK: COVID-19 and Pregnancy

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