(Good Things Utah) Fieldstone Homes is doing so many things to make your dream home a reality.  Should you buy now or wait?  Many people are checking out the market to see what is happening, and many of those people have things changing in their lives because they have life changes so that they need to move, they need to buy a home.  Buying a home is at the top of mind for many people because it is so impactful on the quality of their life since it is where they raise their family and where they find peace. 

It’s all about your lifestyle, where you raise your family… whatever matters to you.

Kellie Little | Fieldstone Homes

When someone is buying a new home, one of the first things that must be considered is the ‘buy-down rate.’  This will have a direct influence on the monthly payment, which is the key consideration for many home buyers.  Though the price of a home is important, the monthly payment is the most important consideration for the most buyer in today’s market. Buying down the rate takes payments down from a higher level — that may make a home out of reach for some buyers — to a lower rate that is then reachable for the home buyer who must keep their budget as the top-level priority. 

The home payment matters a great deal.  Fieldstone Homes in conjunction with First Colony Mortgage want to help more buyers lock in a rate that will enable them to buy a home.  You can get pre-qualified with First Colony Mortgage.  There are amazing things that are in the market right now.

You get to design your home with Fieldstone.  You have options, including do you want a buy-down?  Do you prefer a walk-in rate?  Do you want closing costs covered?  Investment in real estate is still one of the best investments a family can make because of its lasting value and because of the role the home plays in the lives of each family member.  It is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your family.  It positively affects your life in so many important ways, including birthday parties, family events, and dinners, and your overall lifestyle.

For those looking to buy a home now, Fieldstone (in partnership with First Colony Mortgage) offers them an option called ‘Buy Down Rate’ — where home buyers can lock in a specific rate, ensuring they’re getting the best possible monthly payments right now for that home. If rates lower in the years to come, buyers can request assistance from First Colony Mortgage to lower their mortgage rate.

For more information about homes, go to FieldstoneHomes.com. To learn more about ‘buying down’ a home, go to FirstColonyMortgage.com to work with their team of mortgage experts.

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