(Good Things Utah) We can never plan for an automobile accident. They just happen. And for most who’ve been victims of an accident, the worst part is not the financial costs, or often even the physical damage — it’s the psychological scarring that’s occurred as a result of the trauma.

Following an accident, the recovery period can be unbearable. Accident victims often report significantly increased levels of anxiety and depression post-incident, both leading to more stress and insomnia overall.

While treatment options are available, the most common method for doctors is to prescribe medications to regular patients, with each pharmaceutical presenting a new side effect. In recent years, many practitioners have discovered the benefits of using alternative therapies to give lasting relief.

Established in 2010, Axcess Accident Center in Utah has provided some of the highest quality chiropractic care, acupuncture, and rehabilitation therapy available in the state for accident sufferers. Their trained and experienced team of chiropractors and massage therapists build individualized treatment programs to help each client more effectively see results.

Axcess Accident Center now has 4 locations spread throughout Utah and is still growing.

For more information, go to www.axcessac.com or call them at (801) 701-8222.

Alpha-Stim Treatment

Through cranial electrotherapy stimulation, like that from their popular Alpha-Stim AID device, those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and headaches report improved symptoms — making their quality of life much better.

Those who use the Alpha-Stim AID device are encouraged to do it roughly 40 minutes daily on average and can use their Health Spending Account (HSA) to help with treatment costs.

Cranial stimulation devices, like this one, are popular training tools to improve the function of our brains. The therapy sends relaxing electric currents directly to the muscles of an injured area. It’s been used primarily to treat muscle spasms and pain. This Alpha-Stim device builds and stimulates Alpha Waves — those responsible for decreasing stress and encouraging a calmer frame of mind.

When turning on the device, their staff ensure it’s not too uncomfortable, and it stays at a safe level the whole session.

To find a location near you and schedule a consultation for Alpha-Stim treatment, go online to www.axcessac.com or give them a call at (801) 701-8222.

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