(Good Things Utah) Look at you go! You’ve finally gotten around to shampooing your floors! But what’s this? Crunchy carpets…? That’s not good…

If this scenario hits close to home, chances are you’ve been cleaning COMPLETELY wrong this whole time. This happens because conventional detergents — while promising to freshen carpets like new — can instead build up in the fibers. Needless to say, the dirt and bacteria you thought were extinct after shampooing have, in reality, become more comfortable than ever.

Luckily there’s hope yet for our crispy carpets, thanks to Zerorez. Its patented Zr Clean process makes quick work of any dirt or stains, using absolutely no chemicals — only electrolyzed water that acts like a detergent, but better.

Next step — the handy Zr Wand pulls all dirt and sediments from carpet fibers, making them look as spotless as their first day. Even better, this simple process means it’ll take far less time to dry, and stay looking brand new for even longer.

Could your home use a ‘de-crunching’ from Zerorez? They’re now offering a limited-time incentive for customers: $33 per room, and get a 4th room cleaning for FREE using promo code: 4RMFREE.

Now you can breathe easy with clean floors… But are you breathing clean? Experts at Zerorez can also freshen up our air ducts, giving us relief from harmful particulates in the home.

Get 20% OFF air duct cleaning service with promo code: CLEANAIR20.

To learn more and schedule, go online to ZerorezSaltLake.com or ZerorezDavisWeber.com. To speak with an expert, give them a call at (801) 288-9376.

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