(Good Things Utah) When welcoming new guests through the front doors of our homes, the first thing they’ll notice is often the most overlooked by homeowners — our carpets. Unclean carpets, though seemingly minor, can dramatically change the look of our entire home. Experts say that homeowners should deep clean their carpets and rugs once every 18 months, or every 6 months if they live with pets.

While the majority of homeowners resort to deep cleaning their carpets using traditional shampoos, they’re doing more harm to their floors than good. This is because ordinary detergents, once applied to the carpet, don’t come out of the fibers during the rinsing process. In the end, this leaves carpets and rugs looking dirty, discolored, and crunchy where detergents have settled.

If the condition is poor enough, homeowners may need to replace their carpets, often costing thousands of dollars to complete.

Luckily for homeowners, a new solution is available for deep cleaning floors through Zerorez. Their patented cleaning process involves using Zr Water — electrolyzed water with a high pH level, acting similar to a detergent but without all the build-up. Unlike the alternative method, Zerorez and their Zr Clean process are all-natural and free of any harmful chemicals.

Once carpets are sufficiently rinsed, Zerorez experts use the Zr Wand to loosen and remove any dirt and sediment from the carpet fibers, revitalizing carpets to their original color and texture. After the cleaning is complete, drying takes far less time and results in longer-lasting fresh floors.

For a limited time, Zerorez is offering a wonderful incentive for customers: $33 per room, and get a 4th room cleaning for FREE using code: 4RMFREE.

If you would like to learn more and schedule a carpet cleaning, go online to ZerorezSaltLake.com or ZerorezDavisWeber.com.

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