(Good Things Utah) There’s a world of opportunity out there for those with the proper education. And when it comes to careers in technical industries, there are even more doors open to those armed with the knowledge to succeed.

Few institutions in the state know this as well as Dixie Technical College. Through its cutting-edge programs and a comprehensive curriculum, over 95% of its graduates find employment in their field of study. This education doesn’t break the bank either, as the average cost of a program at Dixie Tech is roughly $3,000 with an assortment of financial aid available.

One of the more popular choices at Dixie Tech is the Nursing Assistant program — preparing students for entry into professional nursing as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). These NA students will learn a variety of important skills ranging from feeding and ambulating with patients to operating a mechanical lift.

According to Jami Griffin, Nursing Instructor with Dixie Technical College: “There are 22 skills that we teach them… So we divide our team with the classroom work and in the lab…”

Programs here can run from 4 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on the necessary training and class frequency. All classes are designed to prepare students for the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR) exam — a requirement before any graduate can become a CNA.

Those who graduate from these programs will have the chance to work anywhere from hospitals to care facilities, each with a high demand for skilled workers right now.

“Everything we do is driven by the needs of the industry,” remarks Jordan Rushton, Interim President at Dixie Technical College. “We make sure that all of our programs and all of our curriculum are directly related to what they need…”

To learn more and apply, go online to DixieTech.edu.

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