How do you pronounce challah bread?

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(GTU) – If you’ve ever seen challah in the grocery store and pronounced it exactly how the word appears, you’re not alone. To those not familiar with the sweet, fluffy, and often hard-to-find bread, the correct pronunciation of the word “challah” in Hebrew is hahll-ah. When pronouncing the “ch” in challah the “c” is silent. So next time you see challah bread or go to buy some, make sure to pronounce it like this: “haa·luh”.

Challah bread is a beautiful and impressive braided bread made with just six simple ingredients: white flour, eggs, water, yeast, oil, and sugar and is braided. The amazing bread is typically kosher with no dairy in it at all. The thick classic Jewish bread is great for sandwiches and snacks, but it is ideal for french toast. Watch closely as Farmstead Bakery shows you how they braid this bread for baking at home.

Farmstead Bakery in St. George is the place to go if you’re looking for some delicious bread that is a bit tastier than the average loaf found at your local supermarket. In this segment, Chris Connors, one of the owners of Farmstead Bakery gave us access to the making of some of their favorite in-house bread.

Farmstead Bakery has become the relentless addiction of many a St. Georgian. Conceptualized to be reminiscent of a local European-style bakery, restaurant owners and food craft connoisseurs, Chris Herrin, Li Hsun Sun, and Chris Connors opened Farmstead Bakery with a simple yet noble mission; feed people, enjoy good company, and above all, eat good food!

Farmstead also serves croissants, danishes, pastries, pies, cakes, desserts, salad, and even pizza. The bakery is located in an ideal location for a quick pitstop on your way to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, or even Snow Canyon State Park.

Make sure to visit Farmstead Bakery in Southern Utah.

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