How do you know if a pillow is too flat or too thick?

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Did you know that a good night’s rest can often be as simple as choosing the right pillow?

When your pillow is too flat, you end up sleeping with your arms under your head, resulting in shoulder pain and even numbness. When it’s too thick, your range of motion is limited, potentially leading to strains on your neck and a night of even more uncomfortable sleep. The right pillow should conform to the shape of the sleeper, not the other way around. Fortunately, that’s exactly what a pillow from Saybrook can offer.

You can customize your pillow easily by removing or adding backfilling. Achieve perfect posture alignment in any sleep position you prefer for both him and her. The pillow comes densely packed and lofty, which enables the full range of adjustment.

If you prefer a thin, soft pillow, simply remove a generous amount of filling. If you like it firm and resistant to pressure, just keep the filling in or move it around to where you feel it’s the most comfortable.

You’ll get the best night’s sleep on the Saybrook adjustable pillow. They’re made with a luxurious gel-infused blend of memory foam and microfiber call Lion Down Alternative®, and as we already discussed, it’s a fully adjustable pillow so you can get perfect alignment in any sleep position. It also comes with a removable bamboo cover. The lustrously smooth and lustfully soft bamboo fabric is eco-friendly, extra-breathable, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

Get your head on the pillow that adjusts to you, not the other way around.

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