Books are not just for your bookshelves anymore. They are one of Gatehouse’s favorite styling essentials. Books aren’t just good for reading; they can bring in personality, color and interest when used to decorate around your home! Add them to coffee tables, nightstands, entry consoles, side tables, kitchen shelves, and really all throughout the house. What room should you add books too?

The more personal the space the more personalized the books can be. Collect great books that reflect your home style. Modern covers, titles and books that work beat with a more modern or transitional/industrial style- vs traditional books or French decor, modern farm house and so on. Consider your personal style or favorite things first like travel books, fashion, home design. 

You should first ask yourself, what is the palette and overall style of the room? What is the furniture piece you are styling, and is it Modern French/tradition, coastal, modern/industrial? Then select books that work well with that aesthetic.  

Watch the full video above for in detail styling tips, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Stack several books on tables
  • Place them in a large bowl
  • Add decor on top
  • Add in color & interest

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