Most people aren’t aware that they are compensating for a reduction in vital hormones. In can happen over time and you may not even notive the chronic nature of your problem.

For women, it usually manifests in hot flashes, night sweats, through menopausal symptoms and reduced libido. Men usually show symptoms such as abdominal weight, reduced energy, reduced cognition, reduced memory and as well as reduced libido and erectile dysfunction.

The bioidentical hormone replacement method provides you with hormones derived from plants. As opposed to synthetic hormones, plants provided nature compounds that work well with the body for replacement. This, along with using pellets as the delivery system, are the preferred method at Forum Health Utah.

Pellets are small and provide a steady stream of hormones. An incision the width of your pinkie is made, numbed with an injection of lidocaine, and the pellet inserted below the skin. They are effective for extended release lasting four to sixth month. Injecting hormones each week can lead to experiencing volatile high and low hormone balances.

Forum Health Utah is now offering $50 off first-time hormone replacement appoints. You can visit or call 801-607-5268.

They are located at 8822 S. Redwood Rd, S C-111, West Jordan, UT 84088 and 348 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057.

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