How big of a problem is Diabetes in the United States?

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Did you know that in 2017 the US spent $327 Billion on diabetic care? Yes, that number is actually correct and it’s a bit alarming to see. Even more surprising, 1 in 3 adults are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. Dr. Brian Loveridge, Chief Medical Officer with Diabetes Relief joined Good Things Utah to share their unique approach to diabetes treatment. Diabetes Relief is an advanced diabetes healthcare center that treats patients using a combination of patented and traditional medicine. 

Since 1922 Insulin has been used as a drug to suppress symptoms and it has worked just fine. However, Diabetes Relief uses insulin intravenously as a “hormone communicator” in a more physiologically identical way to the body’s natural production of insulin. By using insulin as a “hormone communicator” we address the root cause of insulin resistance. When insulin resistance is addressed this allows energy to get into the cells which then can repair the cells. The unique method has been showing great results for patients.

Patients have been shown to have lower A1C, increased energy, improved healing, and kidney function, and experienced weight loss. They have also been able to reduce the usage of diabetic medication.

For years, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals have offered all sorts of pills, tonics, diets, exercises, and lectures to patients with diabetes. What they haven’t offered are results. Diabetes Relief is different. Diabetes Relief Utah patented process helps their patients regain energy, reduce medications, and actually feel better.

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