(Good Things Utah) As a 12-year old in middle school, a young student named Charlotte Tuilevuka took part in a show-and-tell that would change her life forever. One of the students brought his parents, who were both scientists, to give his class a brief demonstration with a magnifying glass. Since then, Charlotte has fallen in love with chemistry; eventually receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry.

Today, aspirations have become reality as Charlotte now works as a Clinical Research Scientist for doTERRA. Working every day with medicinal plants and essential oils, she constantly discovers and develops innovative new ways to improve the doTERRA product line. Through it all, Charlotte has more passion than ever, with a keen eye for new opportunities, and a motivation to keep learning.

In their continued mission to inspire the next generation of women in S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Math), this month doTERRA is highlighting Charlotte Tuilevuka and the remarkable feats she’s accomplished in her life as a scientist. She joined Good Things Utah to discuss her experiences, and what led her to pursue a career at doTERRA.

To learn more about Charlotte, read her story online at www.doterra.com/evolvetogether.

Browse the doTERRA collection of essential oils at www.doterra.com.

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