Epigenetic testing is the measurement of how behaviors and environment interact with your genes or DNA. Genetics testing informs you about how your genes function personally. Both of these measurements together help you understand how your body works and how your actions and surrounding interact with it.

Simple Soul UT is a health and beauty business that provides epigenetic testing to customers interested in what environmental factors are playing apart in their health. Because it measures the effects that the outside world has on your body, you are able to change circumstances or take preventative action against this harm.

Epigenetic testing can determine nutrient levels present in the body, gut functionality, circulatory system functionality and more.

It is important to note this is a supplement to genetic testing and doesn’t replace the medical benefits of blood tests. The epigenetic test only requires a few hairs to analyze contributing factors to your health.

The results are a 30 page report which Simple Soul UT owner Rachel Ellenani will use to customize a plan that works well for you. Anyone is safe to receive a epigenetic test because it only requires a few hairs which are ran through tests. Mail-in kits are also available by contacting Rachel Ellenani on Instagram or Facebook.

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