How a mother and daughter got their lives and health back

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Mother and daughter, Libby and Isabelle Crapo, were living in unbearable amounts of pain for years because they couldn’t figure out why they were experiencing their severe symptoms. That is, until they made an appointment at Red River Health and Wellness and met with Dr. Redd. 

Before making the appointment at Red River, Libby was experiencing stomach pain, tiredness and bloating for about five years. She went to eight different doctors and none of them could explain to her what was happening to her immune system and why. Many suggested that she would have to be placed on medication for the rest of her life, which terrified her. 

As for her daughter Isabelle, she was waking up 3-4 times a week in the middle of the night to vomit and experienced severe allergies and would get sick all the time. Unfortunately, Isabelle had to miss a huge amount of 6th and 7th grade because she was so ill. 

Thankfully, Red River figured out what was causing their symptoms. Libby and Isabelle were brought in to separate appointments because Red River places an emphasis on treating patients as individuals. They ran all the medical testing to pinpoint what was making their immune systems freak out and cause so many symptoms they were suffering with. Doing all the medical tests is a way to get to the mechanism of the issue so that they are treating the big picture and not just treating the symptoms.

Red River met with them individually and created a tailored dietary and treatment plan. They went through a highly detailed and specific list of what food they should and should not consume. After there ongoing treatment with Red River, both mother and daughter have improved leaps and bounds and feel amazing. 

If you are having issues with your immune system, please call for a free consultation and get a free #1 selling Amazon book by Dr. Redd.

South Jordan 801-797-3682

St. George 435-236-2886

You may also visit their website at to get more information. 

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