(Good Things Utah) There’s a misconception believed by many suggesting that college isn’t an option after a certain point in life. This idea, especially here in Utah, couldn’t be further from the truth. Those seeking to improve upon their education have plenty of choices nearby with 16 public colleges and counting spread across the state.

Both short and long-term programs are available for students — giving them the tools, accreditation, and investments needed to build a healthy career. Even more than that, there are many support networks on these campuses giving help to students of all ages and walks of life.

These networks allow future and current students to discover a program they’re interested in, customize their education, and build a flexible schedule to improve their quality of life.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Flo Donelli took her education and began a successful career as a Financial Risk Analyst. While her field of study doesn’t relate to her career, Flo is grateful she chose to finish her education in her mid-thirties — remarking that it’s “never too late” to start or finish college.

“Do not assume that there’s nothing out there for you,” says Donelli. “There are programs… There are resources. Utah wants you to go to college… No matter your age or background — they want you to succeed.”

To learn more about programs and resources to start your college journey, go online to CollegeIsUtah.com or make a call to (385) 489-1882.

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