How 5G will impact our futures

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(Good Things Utah) – On today’s “5G Across America,” Host Naz Perez speaks with President of T-Mobile’s Consumer Group Jon Freier about 5G and how it will impact our futures.

5G stands for 5th Generation and it refers to the latest wireless technology – some people are still using phones that operate on 4G, which is the predecessor to 5G. 4G wireless technology unleashed services like Uber, Airbnb, and DoorDash- which relied on instant transfers of data. 5G is going to unleash a whole new world of capabilities and use cases – most of which we aren’t even aware of yet. 

5G has the possibility to change our everyday lives. Traveling may never be the same again – with 5G translations can happen almost instantaneously, meaning if you’re overseas and communicating with locals, you’ll feel like you’re speaking the same language, in real-time.

Another 5G use case is the agriculture industry. Today’s farmers often don’t know if a plant or vegetable is sick until it’s too late. They resort to using chemicals as a preventative measure. 5G can provide farmers the ability to monitor their fields and get notified at the first sign of a sick plant before the damage is done, and that insight can replace the need for chemicals. 

5G is currently available on newer smartphone models – you can check with your provider to find out if your smartphone is capable to use the 5G network and if it’s included in your current rate plan. Some wireless providers have additional charges to utilize their 5G network. At T-Mobile, 5G access is free. 

To learn more about T-Mobile’s 5G network, visit T-Mobile now.

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