(Good Things Utah) After serving for 20 years as a judge in Salt Lake City — John Baxter is retiring from his role in court, but continues his work as a lifelong Community Advocate gaining recognition from The Advocates here in Utah.

During his years as a judge, Baxter has been the recipient of the 2019 Justice Court Service Award, the 2017 Jimi Mitsunaga Excellence in Criminal Law or Pro Bono Award from the Utah Minority Bar
Association, and the Above and Beyond the Call Award from the Department of Veteran’s
Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System.

Outside of his time in the courtroom, Honorable Baxter has long been a strong supporter of homeless individuals around the state.

For those who are currently homeless, there are limited resources available to utilize necessary legal services and even attend court. As this issue continued to worsen, Baxter worked hard to establish a ‘Homeless Court’ for these individuals to receive much-needed access to justice. This court has since expanded to reach many of the homeless camps and communities emerging around the state.

Baxter has assisted the homeless for many years, both during his time as a judge and while working as a defense attorney. Using his knowledge of the legal system, he made it a priority to help guide homeless individuals through their legal problems whilst also connecting with them as human beings experiencing hardship.

“It frankly has been my privilege to have had the opportunity and the support of not only my judicial colleagues but of the professional staff of the courts,” states Honorable Baxter. “I’m not going to miss not sleeping through the night… Getting up and running all day long every day… But I will miss the outreach. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do it.”

The Advocates take pride in recognizing all Community Advocates around Utah — highlighting the selfless things they do for others and setting an example for future generations.

To learn more about Community Advocates, go to www.UtahAdvocates.com.

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