The process of buying a new home does not have to be a headache. Every Wednesday, Fieldstone homes joins us on Good Things Utah to sit down and give tips and tricks for the best home buying experience.

Danielle Chatwin Community Sales Manager works with home buyers from start to finish and today she tells viewers what shopping for a new home looks like.

Danielle suggests that those who are looking for a home always start online so you have a jump on the process. You know what you’re looking for in a home, different locations that are available, and more than anything you have an idea about what is available and out there for you.

If you’re looking for a new home, check out Fieldstone Homes! You can take a look at the different locations and find the perfect floor plan that will work for your family and situation. When selecting the location you want, you can see what amenities, schools and shopping is available. Plus, you can see what may be planned in the future also.

While searching online, you can look at the many different floorplans that are already available. Keep in mind, if you decide to buy an existing home, you can’t change anything on the floorplan. Newer floor plans have a better design than ever, including more windows, the rooms are open and well thought out, and the plans flow. Check out their Design Studio!

Danielle also suggests that even if you aren’t ready to buy a home right now, start by building an inspiration board so you can bring in ideas. Pinterest is a great place to look at because you can save all the ideas you love and virtually build the home of your dreams and then let Fieldstone Homes help you bring it to life.

Canyon Point is a new community in Traverse where you can go and sign up for the VIP, or head on over and check out the new community in Eagle Mountain where they’re offering amazing townhomes that have basements!

Check out the communities, floorplans, and other features that Fieldstone offers on the website!

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