(Good Things Utah) There’s an entire world of possibilities at the fingertips of clients when building with Fieldstone Homes. As with any industry, it’s always changing with the times. New styles and options are always coming out, meant to update the designs of its floorplans.

Fieldstone is there to help guide buyers through each step of the construction process, offering an experienced team of designers to ensure every piece of the home is exactly how they envision. No matter the style, clients get the chance to find their inspiration at the Design Studio in Draper.

“Sometimes you get people who come in and have this really specific design style,” remarks Jordan Law with Fieldstone Homes. “But it’s really fun to meet with buyers like that because they want to go bold, they want to play around with product…”

Helping everyone stay ahead of the design curve, Fieldstone gave us 5 of the top design trends they’ve seen buyers choosing this year. These trends fit three categories found in every Fieldstone project: timeless, organic, and BOLD.

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To learn more and find inspiration, go online to FieldstoneHomes.com.

5 Top Design Trends of 2022

1. Organic Color Palette

Neutral color tones are trending right now, also paying special attention to the texture and materials being used in the home. In particular, organic themes can give homes a more aesthetic look.

2. Wood Tones

Mixing wood tones — type and color — tend to create a visual flow throughout each room. Bold wood accents also add splashes of comfort to a design and bring natural textures to the floor plan.

3. Classic Hardware

Touches of matte black and carefully selected mixed metals give rooms a bold touch of class that will last the test of time.

4. Timeless & Organic Styles

Following trends is important, but finding styles that are a combination of timeless and organic will ensure that a space’s design will remain relevant for years to come.

5. Smart Home Products

More than just networking and security, there’s an ocean of smart home products out there that make everyday life easier than ever. Devices and appliances throughout the home can be activated and configured with your voice or smartphone.

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