Help your kids deal with the holiday stress

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It’s no surprise that adults feel stressed during the holiday season, but kids can too. Orley Bills III, a clinical social worker at Primary Children’s shares some tips to help your kids overcome those stresses. Stress can come from seeing their friends getting fancy gifts, knowing they’re not going to get those types of presents. Sometimes, kids see this when they go back to school after the break, or on social media.

Orley discussed how communication is key. As parents, acknowledge that it’s hard to get the most expensive thing sometimes. Look for opportunities to connect with your children over the holidays that don’t cost much, or any money.

Orley also suggests to take a break from social media. Social media creates a platform of perfect images, and these can make us feel excluded or not good enough. Turning it off can free your children from these stresses. Orley also provides some tips such as breathing, mindfulness, and meditation when experiencing feelings of frustration or anger. Find ways you and your children can help others! Holidays can be hard and stressful for everyone, serving others can help distract you from your stress and others.

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