SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – A child struggling with nighttime fears now has a creative, comforting champion to help them overcome a fear of being alone or being in the dark. And parents have a new ally to help them address their children’s phobias – Sprite Of The Night.

The authors and creators, McCall and Daryl Austin, are the parents of four young children, each of whom, at one time or another, struggled with nighttime fears of the dark or sleeping alone in their room. Such fears delayed bedtimes and caused many middle-of-the-night sleep interruptions. Sprite of the Night came about through much storytelling, experimenting with various comfort items, and learning about the research-supported strategies and recommendations that worked best.

Sprite Of The Night tells the story of the mythological wood sprite – ancient woodland fairies who protect forest creatures and humankind. They are fearless, caring, and experts with a bow and arrow.

Mother Nature summons these magical creatures for any child in need. Sent to your home with special instructions and care, each a cuddly nighttime guardian that arrives ready to watch over and comfort your little one.

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