Help this company hire a new Chief Fashion Officer via TikTok

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Beginning in May 2021, ROOLEE set out to find the world’s first CFO (Chief Fashion Officer!) via TikTok. The Logan, Utah-based women’s fashion company posted a job position on and LinkedIn asking potential job candidates to show off their style on TikTok for a chance at winning the position. The successful candidate will win a 6-month paid contract to create social media content for ROOLEE, a trip for two anywhere in the world, a clothing allowance for herself and friends/family, and her own branded fashion line to be sold on in 2022. Their clothes are super cute!

Last week, ROOLEE’s panel of judges selected the top 12 CFO candidates based on both the excitement their TIkToks have generated and other factors including their social media skills, public speaking skills, and more. The Top 12 will be flown into Salt Lake City July 15th-17th for the finals.

During their visit to Salt Lake City, they will tour local attractions, including a visit to the Utah Olympic Park, enjoy a shopping spree at ROOLEE’s flagship store in Logan, and will meet with and be interviewed by the judges’ panel. The successful candidate will be selected on Saturday, July 17, and announced on or around July 19th.

Inside the ROOLEE store.

ROOLEE’s mission, along with designing fresh fashions, is to create a “World of Sisters”, so they also asked potential candidates to explain how they would help support other women if they were to become ROOLEE’s CFO. For every #ROOLEECFO and GIRLSROOL hashtag posted in candidates TikTok video applications, ROOLEE donated one dollar (up to $10,000) to the United Nations’ GirlUp Foundation, which works to support gender equity around the globe. The campaign successfully reached the $10K goal and to date, there have been more than 8.2 million views of the candidates’ TikTok video job applications.

The CFO applicants on set with Ali Monsen

Get involved by searching for #ROOLEECFO and #GIRLSROOL on TikTok to register support for your favorite candidate and help the World of Sister’s message by liking and sharing candidates’ posts before 2 pm on 7/17.

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