SANDY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – What would you do with the time you spend cleaning your home if you didn’t have to do all the household cleaning and chores? Happy House Cleaning wants to help you find out!

Happy House Cleaning has been providing residential cleaning services in the Salt Lake Valley for 23 years.

Happy House Cleaning is also a proud participant in the nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason – providing free cleaning services to people with cancer.

Show Special: $100 off first cleaning when you sign-up for reocurring cleaning service. Or $100 off (essentially free) on your 3rd scheduled regular maintenance cleaning.

Visit for more information and special offers. Call: 801-651-6682.

Follow them on social media as well – Facebook: @HHCUtah – Twitter: @happyhouseclean3 – Instagram: @happyhousecleaningslc

Happy House Cleaning is a proud member of the Murray Chamber of Commerce.

Visit the Murray Chamber of Commerce online for membership information and benefits.

Sponsored by Murray Chamber of Commerce.