SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Guys want to look great too! Airsculpt is a good option to help men address some of the pesky problem spots, like a saggy chest or flabby tummy. Elite Body Sculpture in Salt Lake City offers the latest technology to treat those trouble areas – for both men and women.

Dr. Nathan Miller at Elite Body Sculpture says with most cosmetic procedures, people tend to think women are the only ones interested in getting something done. But Dr. Miller says Airsculpt helps men look great too. He says a lot of men want to address issues with “man boobs”, a flabby chin/jaw, and love those pesky love handles around the waistline.

Dr. Miller says with Airsculpt the downtime is minimal, averaging about 24-48 hours for most patients. AirSculpt also results in minimal scars, very natural looking results, can be applied to most parts of the body from chin to ankle.

Minimally invasive AirSculpt® is the next generation of body contouring. Designed to optimize both comfort and precision. Elite Body Sculpture’s patented technology enables surgeons to physically pluck your fat by the cell, like berries off a bush. AirSculpt® reveals your body’s natural contours by delicately targeting just the pockets of fat you want gone forever while completely sparing surrounding areas

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