What is the difference between traditional education and Dixie Technical College?

The difference is the emphasis on College. Parents want their kids to go to college. Now, especially in the state of Utah, students have more choices than ever. They can choose a 2 or 3-year degree-granting program, or they can choose a technical college path…a path that will take them into a great career.

Traditional education typically includes a lot of book learning and written tests. In some careers, you’ll most certainly need a Bachelors’s degree to go to work, while other jobs require certain skills. Students can get these types of job-focused education at Dixie Tech with Technical education.

Students are fully immersed in their area of study without the distraction of General ed classes. Programs last about a year, are low-cost and are aligned to meet industry demands.

Dixie Tech infuses energy in their labs and classrooms too, giving students the confidence to immediately go into the industry with the skills needed for their careers. Programs drill deep and train students so well that the local industry is confident and in fact eager for someone with a Dixie Tech Certificate for jobs that are relevant and needed right now.

Dixie Tech was voted best of Southern Utah. To learn more go to Dixie Technical College now.

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