Goats, water, and farming. Why this Central African country needs your help

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Have you ever heard about South Sudan? This country in Central Africa is both the newest country and the poorest country in the world.

South Sudan gained independence in 2011 after the longest-running civil war in Africa, which devastated the economy, infrastructure, and many opportunities for survival. Hundreds of thousands of people died, leaving gaps in generational knowledge of farming techniques, a lack of resources, and a desperate need for doctors and educators. One thing remained true; the value and importance of goats, clean water, and sustainable farming practices.

When goats are provided to families as sources of nourishing, vitamin-rich milk, the children’s hair starts growing in as the deep, healthy, rich black color it should be — a visible sign of the deficiencies being overcome. In 2010, before South Sudan’s independence, GEMS started working with other organizations helping former slaves and refugees return to their villages from the north. founded the “goats for the old goat project.” So far, this program has delivered over 18,000 goats to date.

LifeSeasons along with GEMS is now working on many new initiatives to help South Sudanese people build flood-resistant farms, create infrastructure for clean water, and continue their proud and essential tradition of goat ownership.

By donating even $5 towards the cost of building a well, you can help provide clean water for hundreds of families. Or by donating $10, you can contribute to the cost of building a dike to protect the fields and help eliminate the “The Hunger Gap.” “The Hunger Gap” is the time in-between harvests when supplies have run out and there is quite literally nothing left to eat. Small children are the most vulnerable during this time.

Whatever project or issue you choose to help with at GEMS, LifeSeasons will match the first $2,000 of your donations. Choose which project you’d like to support now!

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