Fieldstone Homes is excited to announce a unique partnership with Good Things Utah. The introduction of a local HOME show concept came to be as a result of demand by home buyers and a THINK BOLD mentality.  What comes of this series is an insight for many of us and the opportunity to dive into the homebuilding process from the ground up.  

Fieldstone Homes has the theme THINK BOLD. They have an out-of-the-box attitude with rock-solid values, employees, and trades.  This bold approach to home building is built into every home from start to finish.  

THINK BOLD is the source of Fieldstone Homes’ inspiration. This last year has been interesting and has forced their boundaries to expand, to think bold, and to look for better ways in pretty much every facet of their business. Then the thought came: What if Fieldstone Homes took the THINK BOLD attitude and shared it? With thousands of homes built across the Wasatch Front, they have a lot they can share in various situations. Go behind the scenes with Fieldstone Homes where they’ll share home ideas that anyone can use whether building, remodeling, or decorating. There are so many details that come into play in any home project.  

Homebuyers that have been through the buying process have so much to share too. We all love the inspiration behind the home. Whether it’s plumbing fixtures, décor, windows, cabinets, you name it. However, Fieldstone Homes also need to address the practical side of the building. Financing details are critical so they are educated and have the information for a smooth transaction.

At Fieldstone Homes their business is building homes but they are laser-focused on building lifestyles. Each homebuyer makes memories that tie back to home-like parties around the fireplace or breakfast at the kitchen island. The design, colors, floor plan, and neighborhood affect our lifestyle and create our own happy place. Homebuyers also love to hear from other home buyers and their experiences. They learn from each other. So this idea emerged… let’s follow a home buyer from start to finish. 

At one point, you would think that so many ideas have emerged over the years and that people don’t want new ideas. This is False! Fieldstone Homes love new ideas. Trends change along with the old design ideas so new ideas are a must-have. Thinking fresh is what Fieldstone Homes do in the design world. That’s why they are bringing this HOME series to Good Things Utah.

Homebuyers are consistently asking for these three things: Tricks, Trends, and Expert Advice. Just imagine learning from the very best in the business. You will get advice from professionals that work these trades every day. They will share their tricks and trends with you.  

The HOME series is right here on Good Things Utah Starting next Wednesday at 9 AM.  Join Fieldstone Homes as they roll out a local show designed for everyone and for the Utah Home lifestyle. Think bold. Think Fieldstone Homes.

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