SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — The holidays are almost upon us. And for kids, the time indoors on cold winter days makes a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on their learning. For any parents seeking to help give their kids all the best chances for success in school, a unique program is making these educational goals a reality, and at no cost.

Waterford Upstart is an at-home software program designed specifically with Pre-K learners in mind. Kids who are soon to be entering kindergarten have the opportunity to start kindergarten with confidence — completing lessons 5 days a week that include interactive activities using songs, stories, and adorable animations to help keep kids engaged and make learning simple.

This program is state-sponsored and comes FREE to families — giving useful resources for parents to stay informed. Those families that qualify could also receive a computer and internet for young students to access the software and begin learning.

97 percent of families who’ve had a child enrolled with Waterford Upstart would recommend using the program. Even more, math and science courses are also available for families who choose.

Lessons take only 15 minutes per day, along with ongoing coaching sessions to assist both kids and their parents throughout the process. Once the program is completed, families will be cordially invited to celebrate their young learner’s success at an honorary graduation ceremony.

For more information about the program and to enroll your child, go online to or call them at 888-982-9898.

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