(Good Things Utah) We can accomplish a lot when we’re physically and mentally feeling our best. And as many of us can attest, when we’re not feeling our best it can drastically change our day-to-day lifestyle. Overall, life growth becomes difficult when our health is not what it should be.

When admitted into hospital care, it’s not uncommon to be fitted with an IV to provide our bodies with a complete dose of any necessary fluids including medications and hydration. Taking inspiration from this practice, Drip IV Utah is going even further by providing treatment to anyone feeling unwell, needing more energy, or those who’re looking to give their systems an extra boost.

You go to the hospital, you get a bag of fluid and you’re feeling better. We step up the game and put vitamins, minerals, and those things that just boost you…

Cami Leonard, Operations Manager

Clients utilize Drip IV Utah’s supplementation for migraines, hangovers, influenza, dehydration, and much more. Some of the choice treatment options include their Immunity Drip, Energy Drip, Migraine Drip, Hangover Drip, and COVID Recovery Drip.

While traditional IV treatments are done in a medical setting, Drip IV Utah makes the experience comfortable for their patients by meeting them on location at work, at home, or exploring the state. Each treatment is done by a registered Utah nurse, ensuring each patient is getting the best care possible.

The team serves clients across the state and is backed by an experienced medical control group. Their pharmacy-grade fluids give to make the whole process easy, often taking only 30 minutes to complete a session.

Now for a limited time, Drip IV Utah is helping patients save big by using code ‘GTU10’ at checkout to redeem 10% off of treatments. For more information, visit them online at dripivutah.com or call/text them at (385) 301-6279.

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