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(Good Things Utah) – If you were thinking about purchasing one of those expensive fitness bikes this holiday season but didn’t want to spend all that money this is a perfect alternative to having your very own home gym. Nicea jumped on set with Angie Papanikolis to demonstrate the latest in at-home fitness.

Perfect for stay-at-home moms, if you are stuck on Zoom calls all day in your home office, or if you just want to save time in your day from driving to and from the gym! When you can exercise anytime, anywhere there are no more excuses.

The new BODYGYM 2.0 gives you a complete gym in the palm of your hands. Replace thousands of dollars of gym equipment to work out anytime, anywhere. (See below)

Body Gym isn’t like other resistance bands on the market. They are made to work with your body. They don’t cut into your hands or back when performing an exercise. They move perfectly with you as you move.

BODYGYM has sold over 2+ million units worldwide. Complete over 150+ gym-quality exercises right in your living room and get the app that shows you all your workouts and hours of exercise content.

Lose your gym membership! BODYGYM is an ALL-IN-ONE piece of equipment perfect for your home gym or to take with you traveling. The entire system weighs less than 2lbs and it comes with a LEVEL 2 band for 10lbs-40lbs of resistance! Up to 80lbs+ of resistance (*using their heaviest resistance band).

Now is the time to cancel that gym membership and get the BODYGYM.

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Go to and pay only $79.99 + free shipping. Get the #1 all-in-one home gym $40 OFF this week only!

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