(Good Things Utah) Many looking to upgrade their garden this year may be asking themselves: “when is the right time to start?” It can often be hard to tell with the weather changing so frequently. According to the gardening experts at IFA Country Stores, the best time to start planting is right now.

How To Start

Preparing for the season is the most simple, yet important part of the gardening process. The work you put into the garden now will make maintaining it far easier later on and you’ll begin seeing the fruits of your labor far sooner.

A great way to start is to add compost to your soil. Make sure to evenly apply throughout your whole garden, this step will give your garden soil much-needed nutrients to grow healthier crops. Along with this, mind any areas you’re going to plant as they will require more tilling for circulating air and water through the soil.

What To Start Planting

Cole Crops

These plants are able to withstand cool, early spring conditions. Well-drained and moist soil is ideal for these crops. Include vegetation options like lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage.

Fruit-Bearing & Ornamental Plants

Now is the best time for these to be planted if you want to make sure enjoy them during the summertime months. Includes planting things like fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, and berry bushes.

Root Vegetables

Often some of the easiest and cheapest to grow, root vegetables are a great addition to any vegetable garden. Some of the most popular root vegetables include carrots, beets, potatoes, and onions.

Delicate Vegetable Plants

These plants are important to plant early and ideally in warmer soil. An easy thing to do if the weather isn’t yet warm to plant these is to start growing them inside first. This will allow you time to give them proper care and attention before planting them on a warmer day. Cover these plants with buckets or milk jugs to better help the sunlight can warm the soil. Plants like this include tomatoes, peppers, and even watermelons.

Where To Find Tools & Supplies

Building your dream garden will take time. Be good to your garden, and be sure you’re using the highest quality compost and the most durable tools throughout the year. IFA Country Stores has all the best products you’ll need to successfully grow everything you love. Have a gardening question? The experts at IFA are always ready to help and know exactly how to get you started this year.

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