(Good Things Utah) Learning to swim is a memory we forever keep close to our hearts. Everyone has memories of days spent in the pool ‘dog paddling’ for dear life, eventually gaining the confidence to reach the deep end. Looking back, these new experiences were important but could have been much better. For today’s little fishes, learning this skill is simple and fun with Goldfish Swim School.

Created with parents in mind, Goldfish Swim School is a great space for kids from 4 months to 10 years old to learn the fundamentals of swimming. To grow their skills in a safe environment, lessons here have a guided focus on fun they like to call The Science of SwimPlay.

According to Ashley Clark with Goldfish Swim School: “A lot of the time, kids learn by playing and doing other things… The Science of SwimPlay gives them a more comfortable zone for them to learn how to swim.”

With over 150,000 swimmers visiting each week, Goldfish Swim School has quickly become a premier choice for parents who’d like their kids to start swimming. Their state-of-the-art facilities feature shiver-free pools, kept at 90 degrees to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible.

Here kids can develop both skills and friendships, learning alongside others their age with passionate instructors. Lessons are flexible enough to accommodate the busiest schedules, and now offer lessons in 3 locations around Northern Utah.

To learn more and register your child, go to GoldfishSwimSchool.com.

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