SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — JBR Clinical Research has been around for nearly four decades now. While they perform many different kinds of clinical research, they’re best known for helping drug companies develop new pain medications. They do that by performing necessary surgery in a fully accredited surgery center by top board-certified local surgeons, and then they assess how well these new pain medications work during the postoperative period.

Not only are these surgeries performed at no cost to you, but you also earn a significant amount of money for participating.

You can think of JBR Clinical Research as very similar to a surgical specialty hospital. They have 24-7 nurse and physician coverage. You will have a private room with a TV, and Netflix, and in many cases, you can bring your home office in and work from your room. Most studies require a one to three-night stay, during which your meals are catered, and you are cared for by experienced, licensed medical practitioners.

Their number one focus is on your safety. Like most surgery centers, the state and their accreditation body oversee the practice, but in addition, because they perform research, the FDA and institutional review board (IRB) have a tremendous amount of oversight with your safety as their principal focus.

Where else can you have a needed surgery performed by one of the best surgeons in the state, in a fully accredited surgery center, for free, with no insurance involved, with a private room, with your meals catered, with 24/7 licensed nursing care, and get paid a generous stipend on top of it? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

For more information, visit them online by clicking the link here or call them at 801-261-2000.

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