(GTU) – Whutsfree, is a new app that was launched out of Utah County earlier this year and features some of the greatest deals around. The best thing is, it’s completely free! The coupon app is different, unique, and exciting.

The perks of the app appeal to both the businesses they partner with and the customer who will be downloading it. Both the advertiser and the user win with WhutsFree.

Whutsfree has a feature called a “Bounceback Offer” and they are only unlocked once you’ve redeemed the initial free offer. These future offers aren’t free but are great to return to that business.

The app is currently available in parts of Utah, California, and Idaho, with plans to expand across the country. It’s true – offers really are 100% free. However, it is always best to purchase something in addition or leave a tip just to let them know you had an enjoyable experience. This type of thing will keep businesses wanting to be part of the app.

The people who started WhutsFree come from the coupon industry and they wanted to help businesses find new customers in the area while helping people find local businesses that they will continue to support.


Here is a current list of their PROMOTIONS:

Kyra, who joined Deena Manzanares on Good Things Utah today, talked about how she wanted to make sure it wasn’t too good to be true. She took her kids to a few businesses that use WhutsFree and it is true, the service is completely free….she and her kids had a great time.

Once you’ve downloaded WhutsFREE, claiming any of the deals above is easy!

Hop on the app store, or screenshot the QR code right in this segment to take advantage of upcoming weekly deals.

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