Katy Higgins, the Owner of Blue Best has personally been working in heating and air conditioning for over 20 years. First and foremost, Blue Best delivers energy efficiency and helps you save money. They can save you a good deal of money through a variety of programs and rebates.

Both WattSmart and Thermwise are currently running cost saving programs with fantastic rebates. Katy has been filing rebates for customers for years, generally saving customers about $500 in utility rebates. And this year there are over $3000 in rebates and $500 in tax credits and manufacturers rebates.

Katy is very proud of what they’ve accomplished as a business and the savings and quality provided to their customers. Blue Best has won several awards through the Thermwise program.

Blue Best has the very best in indoor air quality products and healthy home products like humidifiers, filters and germicidal lights. When they tie something into your furnace or AC systems, it’s designed to work and be effective throughout your entire home, not just one room.

They offer free estimates on new equipment, maintenance, repair, and installation of residential furnaces and air conditioners, a free 2nd opinion on repairs, and during the Grand Opening, they are including one new indoor air quality product.

To learn more visit Blue Best Heating and Air.

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