(Good Things Utah) Our homes are more than just a sanctuary, they’re also where we create memories with those we cherish most. Every first step, game night, family dinner, and more all happen under one roof. But when that roof begins to wither, those happy memories can quickly be replaced by stress as repairing or replacing a roof requires a hefty investment of both time and money.

Here in Utah, unpredictable weather conditions can make our roofs look even worse — doing considerable damage that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. And if left untreated, roofs can become leaky, causing further harm to the home and even misplacing families when flooding occurs.

FBC Roofing knows better than anyone the risks and expenses associated, taking all the hassle out of the typical roof remodeling experience. This family-owned brand combines top-quality craftsmanship with one-of-a-kind customer care — both reasons why it has grown far beyond its Hawaiian origins. Now serving in 5 states including Utah, FBC Roofing is a premier solution for both commercial and residential locations.

Before any work begins, the experts with FBC Roofing thoroughly inspect each roof to better understand its current condition and determine what needs to be done. Then, their team works closely with owners to create a step-by-step approach to the project, also ensuring every roof is held to the highest quality standards.

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As a way of giving back to the communities they serve, FBC Roofing has established what they call their ‘Roof Relief Program’ — regular giveaways where deserving homeowners’ roofs are transformed for no cost. Residents who wish to submit must share their stories and explain why a roof restoration would help them.

“Every single roof that we’ve sold here in the great state of Utah, we’ve set aside some of the revenue towards our Roof Relief Program,” says owner William Fullmer. “We just want to give back to Utah because the market has been so receptive…”

There are 3 ways for individuals in need to enter this giveaway:

  • Call them at 1-833-ROOF-FBC
  • Email to GiveBack@fbcroofing.com
  • Submit online at fbcroofing.com

FBC Roofing has made its long-term goal to provide homes around Utah and beyond with a variety of easy, efficient, and reliable home improvement services.

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