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There are many surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures advertised and it’s hard to know what is worth the cost and downtime typically associated with these procedures. Dr. Scott Thompson, facial plastic surgeon and facelift specialist of Utah Facial Plastics, stopped by the GTU studios to discuss the different facelift techniques available and what to expect with the various outcomes.

But what exactly is a facelift? Is it the entire face or just a portion? 

According to Dr. Thompson, “a traditional facelift addresses both the lower face and neck. A mini lift – or MACSlift – focuses on lifting primarily the jowls, though a modest amount of neck improvement can be expected. When we’re talking about non-surgical facelifts, this can mean anything from filling in lines and wrinkles around the face to using laser technology to tighten the face and neck.”

There are also non-surgical options. 

Thread lifts are gaining in popularity because the procedure can be done relatively quickly and involves less downtime.

“They are typically expensive and only last a few years, which is okay for some people,” says Dr. Thompson. “There can also be complications and asymmetries that result with thread lifting. There are also different laser technologies available, such as Ultherapy and Profound, which can make significant improvement in the face and neck but positive outcomes are often unpredictable.”

Dr. Thompson says these can be great for patients who are okay with more unpredictable, modest outcomes in order to avoid surgery.

“We typically say facelifts last around 10-15 years. That being said, even in 20 years a patient will look more youthful than they did had they not had the surgery done. The MACSlift can turn the clock back 5-10 years but again, helps with the overall aging process long-term. Additional touch-ups with filler and Botox can help extend results and improve one’s overall appearance long-term.”

For more information, call or text (801) 776-2220 or visit them at www.utahfacialplastics.com

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