(Good Things Utah) Our roads are now seeing more cars than ever with longer commutes. This heavy usage means auto technicians around the state are working tirelessly to keep our wheels turning every day. As a way of showing their appreciation for our committed technicians, Ken Garff Automotive has created what they call the ProTech Program.

This program opens technicians up to a world of gratitude with a variety of recognitions, prizes, bonuses, and even allowances for tools and equipment. Incentives like this are available to both current and future auto technicians with the Ken Garff team.

According to Andy Ostmark with Ken Garff: “The technician is really one of the most important pieces to our group. So we want to make sure that we’re putting something in there to recognize them 100 percent when they’re with us…”

To further support their values, Ken Garff goes by the ‘R.I.G.H.T.’ motto — meaning Respect, Integrity, Growth, Humility, and Teamwork. These standards have earned the dealer an acclaimed reputation for putting employees as the highest priority.

Ken Garff is always looking to recruit new technicians onto the team at any level including maintenance, quick lube, body shops, and more — with entry-level applicants also accepted.

To learn more about careers and apply, go to kengarff.com/careers.

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