(Good Things Utah) Formed more than 250 million years ago, the Zion National Park in Southern Utah is a hugely popular spot for tourists to visit year-round. Currently considered to be the most visited national park in the United States, Zion National Park sees roughly 5 million visitors every year. Tourists come from around the world to explore the vast canyons, resident animal life, and the 15 miles of beautiful red Navajo Sandstone making up Zion Canyon.

At the mouth of the canyon, in Springdale, a popular local establishment called Deep Creek Coffee has become a necessary “pit stop” for all explorers spending their day in Zion National Park. Visitors have fallen in love with them because of their delicious foods made from scratch, creative menu items, friendly staff, and gorgeous views to see from this quaint café in the deserts of Utah.

“Coffee is our main focus, but we like to say that anything we do, we do well,” says Heidi Glenhill, owner of Deep Creek Coffee. “…everything we make from scratch. It’s really important to us that if someone is going to start their day with Deep Creek, that they go out with a real meal and real calories if they’re going out on adventures.”

Some of the beverage options on the menu include tasty concoctions like their Oatmilk Miel, Lavender Mocha, Matcha Latte, Butterfly Latte, Chai Tea, an assortment of natural fruit smoothies, and much more. Deep Creek Coffee ensures every drink is made with care, featuring a resident Director of Coffee, named Ty Paluska, to make coffee, train staff, and oversee some of the general operations of the café.

Discussing his role with Taste Utah, Ty explained, “for me as the Director of Coffee, I handle all-things coffee and basically front-of-house…making your drinks and making sure I train the staff properly so they’re making drinks really well for you…”

Deep Creek Coffee is also very well known for its handcrafted meal options like artisan sandwiches, burritos, toasts, smoothie bowls, and more deliciously natural choices. Whether you plan to eat big or small before the big adventure, there is something for every experience at Deep Creek Coffee.

Katy with Taste Utah took a trip down to Deep Creek Coffee to sample their menu, meet the team, and learn about some exciting new opportunities there.

For more information, or to view the menu, visit them online at DeepCreekCoffee.com.

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