(Good Things Utah) We’ve all seen how important political decisions can help or hinder progress here in the United States. This hindrance is most notably seen in our healthcare system where today millions of Americans are struggling to balance their well-being with the ever-growing costs of care.

While the issue continues to spark debate from both sides of the table, there are many still lacking the necessary information and knowledge to take one side or another. And as debates continue, some experts have taken a closer look to recommend specific reforms within the system.

One qualified subject expert suggesting reforms, Joseph Q. Jarvis, MD, gives readers a clarifying perspective from a professional who’s worked in the healthcare system first-hand. Using his experience as a medical doctor and consultant, Dr. Jarvis takes a more compassionate and applicable approach to healthcare in the United States. This book’s lessons refer to a more state-based healthcare model, providing excellent arguments for citizens on both sides.

In his book, Dr. Jarvis discourages seeing people’s health struggles as business opportunities, but rather as self-less chances to benefit our society’s welfare. This charitable approach to American healthcare is an overall call to action, giving readers key insight into the system and improving awareness of its key flaws.

“We have a flood of agony and hurt that goes on in the American healthcare system because of the system itself,” remarks author, Dr. Jarvis. “We’re not taking care of each other, and that’s causing all kinds of problems in American families…”

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