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Our world has changed and it’s more important now than ever to sanitize. But, have you ever wondered if you’re using the right product or if you’re sanitizing the right surfaces? How do you know it’s working and is it okay to use it on multiple surfaces? Is it healthy to clean this much? The pandemic has raised so many questions about cleaning and sanitizing. Luckily, one product is proving to be the answer to every one of these worries.

Introducing, Agent99. It’s a high-quality sanitizer you can make and keep wherever you go to sanitize surfaces you frequently touch in your home, workplace, or your car. 

You might be used to bleach, wipes, and other household sanitizers but have you ever stopped to read the label? Many of these products contain toxic chemicals that are harmful if they come in contact with skin or inhaled. Which cause irritations like burning of the skin, and damage to the lungs. Agent99 is a simple all-natural way to sanitize frequently touched surfaces without all the harsh chemicals the other brands contain.

Agent99 is fast and easy to make yourself. Simply mix one packet of Agent99 powder with water in a 32-ounce spray bottle, let it sit for two minutes and you’ve got the best sanitizer on the market today. Since Agent99 powder comes in packets you can make yourself you can essentially say goodbye to single-use plastic spray bottles you buy at the store. Simply mix the powder and water and reuse the same spray bottle over again. 

It’s simple, Agent 99 is a safe, environmentally responsible sanitizer. Just mix with water, and you are ready to go.

To get your hands on this all-natural, Earth-friendly, easy-to-make cleaning miracle go to Agent99 now!

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