(Good Things Utah) Explore the world of art and let it come to you in this new series of exhibits by The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. Combining advanced technology with classical masterworks brings the art to life in the eyes of those visiting the museum. Art Through Experience is a wonderful opportunity for people from all corners of the world to, for the first time, go into the artworks rather than observing from the surface.

“You can come here and, for a half-hour to an hour, there’s nothing you have to do,” says Bruce Granath from Magic Space Entertainment. “You just absorb this experience together and then you have something to talk about. So it’s hugely popular with all ages…”

The space itself is nearly 40 wall and floor projections spanning the entirety of the 10,000 sq. ft. gallery. Plenty of space is allowed in the exhibit for visitors to fully enjoy the art experience while also observing safe social distancing practices.

For this Art Through Experience series, The Leonardo is hosting three separate exhibits for visitors: Van Gogh 360, Italian Renaissance, From Monet To Kandinsky.

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These artworks are hosted by The Leonardo at 209 E 500 S, Salt Lake City.

For more information, go to TheLeonardo.org.


Van Gogh 360

“The Leonardo brings a new Immersive Van Gogh experience to Salt Lake City, UT.  See over 300 beautiful works for a beautiful digital art experience. This internationally acclaimed exhibit is one of a kind as it takes the audience well beyond the paintings  and into the artist’s thoughts and feelings.”

From Monet To Kandinsky

“An exciting exhibit featuring the works of several artistic masters that lived during the industrial revolution. Artists include Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Edvard Munch, and Wassily Kandinsky.”

Italian Renaissance

“This exciting exhibit features four of history’s greatest artists from the Italian Renaissance. They are known for creating some of the world’s eternal masterpieces and include our namesake, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and more.”

Also available to visitors of The Leonardo this summer is a gallery working to bring artists together called Utah Dine Bikeyah. In addition to showcasing amazing artwork by artists in residence, this gallery is helping bring awareness to Utah’s indigenous and how their culture has been preserved.

According to Meredith Benally with Utah Dine Bikeyah: “When they come in and they see the gallery, they see that it’s indigenous work… How we take care of our culture is showcased in our artwork.”

Some of the artwork includes handmade garments, accessories, bags, and much more. Visitors who fall in love with these artworks also have the chance to purchase them at The Leonardo.

“For me, I think it puts us back on the map as indigenous people,” says Willson Atene with Utah Dine Bikeyah. “It really creates our voice and it amplifies the youth…”

Follow them on Facebook at @UtahDineBikeyah or on Instagram at @ProtectBearsEars.

For more information, go to UtahDineBikeyah.org.

To see the artwork for yourself visit The Leonardo at 209 E 500 S, Salt Lake City.

Another feature in The Leonardo this summer is Artes de Mexico en Utah, a non-profit organization started 11 years ago to build the community and create a sense of belonging through cultural connections created by artwork.

“Art is the lens that allows us to reflect in our past, our present, and who we are… it’s an amazing tool to understand our social behaviors,” says Fanny Guadalupe Blauer with Artes de Mexico.

In partnership with The Leonardo they’ve created programs and events that are “made for our people, by our people.” The Artists in Residence program is based on this concept, uniting artists from all walks of life to contribute their artwork to the cause.

Fanny added: “We have brought together 6 Latino artists that bring a unique perspective on what art is from their point-of-view — perceiving their identity.”

Other artworks featured by this program are created with the purpose of social justice for Latinos.

Also worth noting, this year Artes de Mexico has also been recognized with the first ‘Spirit of Service’ award hosted by Governor Cox and his wife.

For more information, go to ArtesMexUT.org or visit their artwork in The Leonardo at 209 E 500 S in Salt Lake City.

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