(Good Things Utah) Over 37 million adults in the United States experience some degree of hearing loss — 29 million of which could benefit from a hearing assistive device. Studies show that individuals who don’t treat their hearing loss are 4 times more likely to experience depression or anxiety. Hearing loss or reduced hearing can affect every aspect of life, even those around us.

According to Matt Dearing, Director of Education with My Hearing Centers: “If you don’t have a hearing aid, or you don’t have the technology of a hearing aid, you actually turn your family members and friends into your hearing aids. When you can’t hear something, you’re always asking them to repeat themselves or asking other people around you to get clarity.”

Hearing technology is better than ever before, delivering incredible sound quality using discreet and powerful assistive devices. Now available through My Hearing Centers is the latest sound innovation available to patients, Widex Moment.

Widex Moment is a groundbreaking new hearing aid using Pure Sound Technology to amplify the world around its wearer. Aptly named PureSound, this ‘sound experience’ is like no other — processing sounds faster than ever before to ensure every moment is heard loud and clear. AI technology in these devices makes constant, real-time adjustments depending on the listening environment.

This hearing device comes in three models, including an option that rests completely in the ear canal (CIC-M) making it virtually invisible.

It’s resilient and built to last — complete with a water-resistant nano coating and a durable microphone for a worry-free user experience. Keep things clear using their compact Widex Standard Charger, able to provide 37 hours of runtime and effortless recharging when and where it’s needed most.

Want improved sound on your iOS or Android device? Connect the PureSound experience to your mobile phone for higher quality calls, video, music, and more.

User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for these Widex Moment models, with 95% agreeing that sound was natural and clean.

My Hearing Centers is seeking 100 individuals with hearing loss to evaluate the new hearing aid. Schedule an evaluation with them to try these hearing devices risk-free for 30 days.

“We’re able to find the hearing aid that’s best for you. If this isn’t the right hearing aid for you, we do have plenty of other technologies and styles to help you out,” says Dearing.

To learn more about Widex Moment and see if you qualify, call My Hearing Centers today at (801) 506-6335 or go to MyHearingCenters.com.

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