Ex-police officer explains why your home may be unprotected

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How does Alarm Response work? In most of the cities in Salt Lake County, the local Police Departments won’t respond to an alarm drop until it has been verified. What that means is if you are out of town and your home alarm goes off, your alarm company will call the local police dispatch and report the alarm drop but until that alarm has been verified police will not be dispatched. At this point, maybe you are made aware of the alarm drop by your alarm company and many times you will be told that police have been notified but what you’re not told is that the police are not responding to secure your property. 

This leaves your house unprotected. When you sign up with Premier Security Utah you will have them on retainer and you can give or 24/7 dispatch number to your alarm company as the person to call when there is an alarm drop. Premier Security will then dispatch one of their strategically placed officers to respond and verify if it’s an actual burglary or a false alarm.

In almost all cases an on-site security officer is able to scare away a potential burglar trying to gain access or they can make sure your home is still safe and secure by walking the property and checking all doors and windows. If a door or window is found broken a call to the police will generate an immediate response since the alarm has been verified. Security will keep a visual of your property to see if anyone comes out while waiting for the police to arrive and go inside.

Why do residents and businesses need this service? A homeowner or business owner felt the need to install an alarm for one reason or another to protect their homes, families, and businesses. What most people did not know and were not told when they bought their alarm systems and signed the monthly contracts is that there isn’t anyone responding to their alarm when it goes off until it has been verified. You now have an alarm service that will alert you to a problem at your home or business but it does not help stop or fix that problem, the hope that the police will respond is not realistic.

Why don’t the police respond to home and business alarms? Police departments are overworked and understaffed more so now than ever before. There was a day and time when the police would respond to alarms but for most, they stopped responding over a decade ago to alarm companies’ requests. Too many false alarms were taking up too much time from officers that are needed elsewhere.

Premier Security Utah offers home security support, delivering peace of mind by dispatching one of our officers as soon as an emergency is registered by your alarm system. Trained professionals will arrive on the scene, walk the property, verify an active situation, notify homeowners, and contact the appropriate emergency services.  They offer support to address post crime challenges 24/7, liaise with other security services, and will stay on location as necessary until the site is secure.

Get started on your home security plan. Protecting your home and more importantly, keeping your family safe, is only one call away with Premier Security Utah.

LINK: Learn more about Premier Security Utah

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